Thank you for the panel experience. The women were phenomenal and transparent! I really felt a lot of the information I learned came from that discussion. Danielle was a respectful and excellent moderator. She kept a handle on the 'comments' from the audience, that really should have been questions...smile. I would participate in another community meeting!
Thank you for sharing the story of Recy Taylor. After viewing this film, I wondered about all of the stories that have yet to be told. I specifically thought about my grandmother and what she may have experienced growing up in the South. She speaks, but there's more I want and need to know.
The film opened my eyes about her specific situation. I never heard about it. My screening experience was very moving. The conversations that were started will continue.
The conversation with those who attended was the best part of the evening: good energy, generative conversation, and enlightening reflections from the participants.
The film was excellent & inspiring! I want to motivate more men to stand up, hold space for, & protect black women.

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