WBRC FOX6 News | The Rape of Recy Taylor

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey recognized the late Recy Taylor of Abbeville , Alabama in her Golden Globes acceptance speech on Sunday.

It’s a speech much of the country is still talking about today. Many are also asking who is Recy Taylor.

In 1944 she was abducted and raped as she walked home from church in Abbeville, AL . Her attackers left her on the side of the road.

Taylor, who was 24 at the time identified all of the men, but an all-white local grand jury not indict anyone for the crime.

Nancy Buirski’s 2017 documentary film “The Rape of Recy Taylor,” chronicles Taylor’s attack and the aftermath. It also shines light on a rape culture that is still present today.

A screening of the film was held in Birmingham on December 10th. I had the pleasure of speaking with a community activist who held that screening. She shared her thoughts on the film and her reaction to Oprah Winfrey’s speech that recognized Taylor, a brave woman from Alabama.