Deadline | ‘The Rape Of Recy Taylor’ Trailer: The Heart-Wrenching Docu Tells A Timely Story For Black Women

Nancy Buirski’s documentary The Rape of Recy Taylor premiered its first trailer today to paint a tragic picture of the titular Taylor and her story that rings true to today’s treatment of women — black women in particular.

The Orchard announced today that they have acquired the digital right to the film which bowed at the Venice Film Festival, where it was rewarded the Human Rights Nights Special Prize for Human Rights. The docu puts the spotlight on the Jim Crow South, where the number of women raped were staggering. The women did not report the crimes in fear of their lives. Recy Taylor, a 24-year- old mother, did not keep her story hidden. When she was gang raped by 6 white boys in 1944 Alabama she spoke up and with the help of Rosa Parks and legions of women spreading the word, they worked to get Taylor justice.

The Rape of Recy Taylor is a profoundly moving, incredibly important film that showcases all of the elements of great nonfiction cinema,” said Danielle DiGiacomo, VP of Acquisitions at The Orchard. “The Orchard is incredibly proud to be working with the powerhouse director who is Nancy Buirski to get this film to audiences across all platforms”

Director Buirski said that she and the team who worked hard to get the documentary made are proud to be working with The Orchard to get this film out in the world. “I’ve admired their film selection – fiction and non-fiction – for a very long time,” she said.  “Their taste and their reputation for transparency is a benchmark for all distributors. I’m overjoyed to know our film is one of The Orchard’s and will be seen on so many platforms. The brave Recy Taylor deserves no less!”

ICM Partners negotiated the deal with The Orchard on behalf of the filmmakers.Watch the exclusive trailer above.